Finding Trustworthy Domestic Help: A Guide to Choosing the Best Indian Maid Agency

Top 5 Best Indian Maid Agencies

Indian Maid Agency Introduction:

Having reliable domestic help is essential for many households, and in Singapore, the demand for skilled and trustworthy domestic workers has led to the establishment of various maid agencies. As the market becomes saturated, finding the best Indian maid agency can be a daunting task. In this guide, we will take you through the essential factors to consider when choosing an agency and provide you with reviews of the top 5 Indian maid agencies in Singapore.

  1. Understanding Your Needs:

The first step in selecting the right Indian maid agency is to assess your household’s specific requirements. Are you looking for a full-time live-in maid or a part-time helper? Do you need someone with particular skills or language proficiency? Understanding your needs will help narrow down your choices and find an agency that specializes in catering to your requirements.

  1. Licensing and Accreditation:

To ensure that you are dealing with a reputable agency, check their licensing and accreditation. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore regulates maid agencies, and agencies should have a valid license to operate. You can check the MOM rating of these agencies by visiting the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website at This will allow you to verify their license and ensure they meet the required standards set by the government.

  1. Reputation and Reviews:

Online reviews and testimonials from previous clients can provide valuable insights into an agency’s reliability and customer satisfaction. Additionally, you can check their Google reviews and ratings to get a better understanding of the agency’s reputation.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 Indian maid agencies and their ratings:


  • Website: Indian Maid Agency
  • MOM Rating: 3.7 – [109 Reviews in MOM]
  • Google Rating: 4.1 – [40 Reviews in Google]

Danz Hariya Employment Services holds a respectable MOM rating, indicating that they meet the required standards set by the Ministry of Manpower. With a steady Google rating, they have garnered positive feedback from their customers.


  • Website:
  • MOM Rating: 3.8 – [325 Reviews in MOM]
  • Google Rating: 4.9 – [301 Reviews in Google]

Okay Lah Services stands out with an impressive Google rating, signifying a high level of customer satisfaction. Their solid MOM rating further reinforces their reliability.


  • Website:
  • MOM Rating: 4.0 – [98 Reviews in MOM]
  • Google Rating: 3.5 – [32 Reviews in Google]

Charisha Employment Agencies boasts a solid MOM rating, indicating their compliance with regulations. While their Google rating is slightly lower, their overall performance appears satisfactory.


  • Website:
  • MOM Rating: 3.6 – [43 Reviews in MOM]
  • Google Rating: 4.5 – [151 Reviews in Google]

Westrama Management holds a commendable Google rating, suggesting a high level of customer satisfaction. Despite the slightly lower MOM rating, they have earned positive feedback from clients.


  • Website:
  • MOM Rating: 3.7 – [92 Reviews in MOM]
  • Google Rating: 3.1 – [22 Reviews in Google]

Oly Employment Agency has a decent MOM rating, indicating their adherence to regulations. While their Google rating is relatively lower, further investigation may be needed to understand customer experiences.


Finding the best Indian maid agency requires careful consideration of your household’s needs, verifying their licensing and accreditation through MOM, and checking their reputation through online reviews. The top 5 Indian maid agencies reviewed here offer valuable insights into their performances, helping you make an informed decision. Remember that every household’s requirements are unique, and the right agency for you may differ from others. With the right agency’s support, you can find a trustworthy domestic helper who will be an asset to your home.

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