8 Things to Know About Singapore’s 2023 Presidential Election Polling Day


Singapore Presidential Election 2023

Singaporeans are gearing up for the 2023 Presidential Election Polling Day on 1 September. Understanding essential aspects of the process is crucial, ensuring a seamless and well-informed voting experience.

Singapore Presidential Election 2023

1. Understanding Public Holiday Eligibility for Polling Day

The Ministry of Manpower designates 1 September as a public holiday for Polling Day. This applies to those under the Employment Act, with educational institutions closed for students’ convenience.

2. Employer’s Responsibilities: Ensuring Employee Voting Rights

Should employees be required to work on Polling Day, options are available. They can receive extra salary or choose a separate day off. Employers must also grant a reasonable period for employees to vote.

3. Mandatory Voting: A Civic Responsibility and Legal Obligation

Mandatory for Singaporeans aged 21 and above, voting is not just a right but also a civic duty. Employers are obligated to allow sufficient time for employees to cast their votes.

4. Essential Documents for Voting: NRIC and Poll Card

To vote, bring your NRIC and poll card. Uniformed personnel can use issued identity cards. Poll cards are sent to registered addresses after Nomination Day.

5. Overseas Voting: Guidelines and Options for Singaporeans Abroad

Singaporeans temporarily overseas during Polling Day cannot vote. Reinstatement requires a valid reason. Those residing abroad can vote via post or at specific overseas polling stations.

6. Valid Exemptions: Reasons for Not Casting Your Vote

The Elections Department acknowledges valid reasons for not voting, including studying, working abroad, and health issues.

7. Accessibility for Seniors and Caregivers: A Smooth Voting Experience

Polling stations offer dedicated drop-off points and priority queues for senior citizens and those with special needs. Caregivers can join the priority queue if eligible.

8. Enhancing Nursing Home Residents’ Voting Accessibility

A pilot program introduces polling stations in nursing homes, with mobile polling teams for bedridden residents, promoting inclusivity in the electoral process.

Check Your Voting Status: Verify your voting status by logging in with your Singpass on the official Elections Department website: eld.gov.sg/online.html. Access features including:

  1. Check Your Name in the Registers of Electors: Ensure your registration for upcoming elections.
  2. Apply to Restore Your Name: Reapply for registration if your name was removed from the registers.
  3. Register as an Overseas Elector: If residing abroad, register to vote from overseas.
  4. Change Overseas Voting Application: Modify your overseas voting application if necessary.
  5. Cancel Registration as an Overseas Elector: Opt out of overseas voting registration.
  6. Check Your Application Status: Track the progress of your registration or application.

In conclusion, Singapore’s 2023 Presidential Election Polling Day brings several important considerations. From eligibility for the public holiday to overseas voting and ensuring accessibility for all citizens, understanding these aspects enriches the democratic experience.

Singapore Presidential Election 2023

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