UPI-PayNow Global Transfers: India-Singapore

Simplifying Cross-Border Remittances: UPI-PayNow Linkage between India and Singapore In an interconnected world, the ease and efficiency of cross-border remittances are paramount, especially for countries like India and Singapore, witnessing significant global transactions. As the world’s largest diaspora, with over 30 million Indians residing abroad, facilitating seamless remittances has been an ongoing pursuit. The UPI-PayNow…

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PayNow vs. SGQR: Understanding the Differences and the Government Connection

Introduction: In Singapore’s rapidly advancing digital landscape, various payment methods have emerged to enhance convenience and efficiency for businesses and consumers alike. PayNow and SGQR are two prominent initiatives that have gained popularity in recent years. This blog post aims to shed light on the differences between PayNow and SGQR, while also addressing the question…

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